Accrediting Managers at Work in the 21st Century



Professional Excellence

Action learning can help managers to become better managers to meet the needs of business. The aim is to promote high performance, outcomes-directed learning at work.

Corporate Certification

The concept of a performance-based certification will build on all existing infrastructure developments. It will also provide the catalyst for turning input activity into outputs - all business driven.

The transition from input to output, via performance-based activity, will help to ensure that managers are motivated, fully engaged, recognied and rewarded for their professional attainments at work.

ROI in Learning

Measures and approaches meaningful to the corporation as business evaluation tools, will be deployed. Whenever and wherever learning occurs, it will have to yield a return of investment in learning and by the expectations of the manager.

Why should Managers adopt Action Learning Plus?

This program is for busy managers as a tool to shape their own careers and solve business problems through the engagement of their hearts and minds. Managers will be able to maximize their return of investment by seizing the opportunity to focus on their workplace applications. This require honesty, staying power and a willingness to share and learn from their daily challenges.

What is Action Learning?

Action Learning is basically asking questions and finding implementable solutions.

Reg Revans once said: 'Those unable to change themselves cannot change what goes on around them.'